Notable Citizens: Swan Edison, Lafayette’s Toughest Mayor

Swan Edison and friends on the porch of Town Hall at 201 E. Simpson Street in Lafayette, Colorado. The right photo is how the structure appears in 2022. Black and white photo is courtesy Lafayette Historical Society.

The circa 1910 photo above shows the front porch of the old town hall at the northeast corner of East Simpson Street and Harrison Avenue, which currently houses the East Simpson Coffee Company. The first man standing (from the left) is Swan Edison, one of the most prominent and dedicated civil servants in Lafayette’s history. More about him in a bit. The man with the mustache to right of Edison is (likely) Alfred “Pete” Peterson, known as Petey the Iceman.

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Lafayette’s Miner’s Cottages

A classic Miner’s Cottage, called a “Type E” house by the coal company and built in 1910 at the Simpson Mine then moved into Old Town, still sits at 800 E. Dounce Street in Lafayette.

The dominant housing style in Old Town Lafayette is called a Miner’s Cottage, a simple, one-story, non-ornamental structure exemplified by the small footprint and a pyramid roof. Some do have side gables, but the style is generally one-story with less than 700 square feet and is considered a Vernacular style of architecture — a structure built without the aid of an architect or designer.

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Reprints: 1915 – Grand jury returns indictment against town founder Mary Miller

Boulder Jury Scores Drach

Bank Commissioner is Blamed for Permitting Two Insolvent Banks to Continue

Public attention which was centered last night upon the fact that T. A. McHarg and O. A. Johnson has been indicted in the Oles case as well as Mrs. May Oles, became focused today on the report of the grand jury which scores State Bank Commissioner E. E. Drach for “insufficiency and neglect of duty” for failing to close the Louisville bank sooner than he did.

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