Reprints: 1913 – Citizens of Lafayette, Colo., in Short Reign of Terror; Mayor’s House Burned

LAFAYETTE, Colo., Aug. 16 — Mrs. Elizabeth George was killed, Pasco Ellart, a volunteer fireman was seriously injured, and a house, owned by Thomas Faull was burned to the ground here today in one of the the severest electrical storms that ever visited this section of the state. During its progress the whole town was in terror.

A bolt of lightning struck a frame residence belonging to former Mayor Thomas Faull and occupied by Andrew George and family. The structure was set afire and just as the fire department arrived on the scene another bolt of lightning struck a high power electrical wire in front of the house, knocking it to the ground. Ellart, who was running to the house, was felled by the wire and dangerously wounded. Mrs. George, hurrying out of her house with some personal belongings, stumbled and fell across the wire. The full strength of the current passed through her body, killing her instantly.

From the Rocky Mountain News, Aug. 17, 1913