Mine Maps

Display your own piece of Lafayette coal mining history with a reproduction Simpson Mine progress map showing Old Town Lafayette’s underground mining passageways. This 1921 map, drawn by draftsmen working for the Rocky Mountain Fuel Company, shows where 12-feet seams of coal were removed 250-feet below ground. The Simpson Mine operated from 1887 until 1926. The four-color reproduction is 72″ wide and 36″ tall and is mounted on foam core backing. Offered for a limited time at $199 plus tax. This is a rare item that you won’t find anywhere else. (Sorry, but the foam core version is for local — Boulder County — delivery only. Larger sizes available up to mural size. Please contact me if you’d like to purchase an unmounted version of the map.)

The 72″ x 36″ Simpson coal mine progress map shows underground tunnels where coal was removed from 1887 to 1926. Order yours today.
Detail of the Simpson Mine progress map showing Baseline Road and Harrison Avenue in downtown Lafayette, Colorado.